Day 17: 20 Years of AWA

Amy Domini

Highlighting the remarkable work of Amy Domini AWA ’01 today!

Amy is an internationally recognized pioneer of socially responsible investing. Inspired in large part by the early 1990s global movement to divest from Apartheid-era South Africa, Amy launched one of the earliest stock indexes aimed at helping investors align their money with their values.

In 2005, Time magazine named Amy one of the 100 most influential people in the world. Later that year, President Bill Clinton honored her at the inaugural meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative for helping protect children and the environment through the Domini Global Giving Fund. Amy was recognized again by Time in 2009 as one of 25 “Responsibility Pioneers” changing the world.

“Why wouldn’t someone want to participate in helping to make finance part of the solution to today’s social issues? You can take the tool that is being an investor and use it to cast a vote for peace, social justice and other causes that you care about.”

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