How to Rejuvenate Your Soul

Donna Clark, YW Boston Chief Executive Officer

On Thursday, April 9, my LeadBoston 2014 classmate Sherri-Ann Burnett Bowie and I held our leadership commitment project. The project was to host a speed networking roundtable for alumni of LeadBoston, YW Boston’s executive leadership program, and participants of InIt, YW Boston’s youth leadership program. The goals of the project were three fold: expose InIt participants to potential new career paths, provide opportunity for mentor relationships to arise, and give LeadBoston alumni an opportunity to give back. The event was attended by twelve LeadBoston Alumni and eight InIt participants. Everyone was a little nervous before the event started. However, each round quickly went from “speed” to a casual saunter due to the richness of the conversations. InIt participants asked questions such as “How did you manage college and a career as a woman of color?”  “How do you rebound from failure?” and “How do you know what college is right for you?” Every question required reflection on the part of LeadBoston alumni which was an unexpected bonus for all of the participants. It’s rare that we take enough time to reflect on key moments in our lives.  In return, InIt participants shared their hopes for the future as well as the impressive accomplishments they’ve already achieved in their young lives. Overall, the evening was a huge success. However, that’s not only because we reached our stated goals. It’s because I feel extraordinarily hopeful about the future given the young leaders in the pipeline. With all of the events in the news starting last summer with the unfortunate death of Michael Brown in Ferguson and continuing today with racial slurs written on houses and places of employment in the Commonwealth, it’s hard not to feel weary. However, when that feeling of weariness of the soul starts to sneak in, I encourage you to connect with young people. You will feel rejuvenated. The InIt Class of 2015 will celebrate its graduation on Thursday, May 14 from 6PM – 8PM at City Year Headquarters on 287 Columbus Ave. If you’re feeling a bit weary, this is a great opportunity to boost your spirits.