Habiba Elfass

High School Senior

Habiba Elfass is a high school senior, who has lived in Boston for five years.  Originally from Egypt, Habiba has a passion for reading and broadening her knowledge.  She often keeps to herself, but is not afraid to push herself past her own comfort zone.

“To me, standing against racism means educating people, it’s awareness, it’s arming yourself with knowledge to prepare yourself to stand against whats wrong.”



13th (Film)

Brief Intro:

I chose the movie 13th because in order to move forward we need to be able to recognize the patterns of oppression, and the new forms they continue to take until today. 13th helped me recognize those red flags and educated me on the history of those systems in order to better fight them and I hope it helps you too.



Habiba’s Discussion Questions (PDF For Print)

  1. How have the forms of oppression changed through the years and continue being reborn? How is it hidden now? 
  2. What are private prisons and why are they a bad idea? How do they disproportionately affect people of color? 
  3. How do the stereotypes that exist about black people today stem from a history of oppression? 
  4. How did technology start and change the conversation regarding race and what can we do to move from conversation to action?
  5. What are some tactics that were used in the “war on drugs” that are currently being used against certain minorities?

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