Stand Against Racism Toolkit

STAND 2018

Your Voice Matters.  Help Us Amplify This Conversation!

We are kicking off our contribution to the national Stand Against Racism campaign week with some tools & resources for facilitating the work that each of you are doing in your communities to help end racism and build equity for all. 

To start off, we’d like to share a video slideshow that we hope will help you and your networks consider the larger historic context of why it is important to take a stand against racism in solidarity with those most affected by racial injustice, biases & systemic oppression.  



Here is a rich content resource to help you host and promote ongoing conversations across your networks throughout the campaign and beyond.  We have invited eight YW community members to curate a series of powerful and relevant learning materials that include starting points, questions and guidelines to help facilitate your #STAND2018 discussions and community gatherings. (Click below to explore)



Also, we have put together a PDF toolkit that can be used in creative ways to help amplify your #StandAgainstRacism efforts across social platforms.  Feel free to get creative and share what you and your networks generate this week, using the hashtags #BostonRacialEquity, #STAND2018 & #iPledge2SAR .  The YW Boston communications team is excited to see your project contributions surface!  We will keep an eye out for powerful examples of communities hosting uniquely engaging conversations and sharing reflections and ideas across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Instagram.  At the end of the campaign, YW Boston will compile all of the materials shared into a final media recap that illustrates the impact of collective voice.  Please join us in spreading ideas that inspire change and actions that promote peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.



Thank you for taking the time to explore these resources and for the energy, enthusiasm and passion shared in the important work that each of you are doing to help raise consciousness and make change across our communities. Please stay tuned for our campaign recap in May!  We will be reflecting on the contributions that all of you have made and shared via our social media hashtags: #STAND2018, #BostonRacialEquity#iPledge2SAR 


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