To apply to volunteer with the Youth Leadership Intiative (InIt), please fill out the form and then upload answers to the essay questions below.

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Please upload answers to the below items in one document.

Activities and Experience

Tell us about or outline the following items (a resume is acceptable):

  • Activities you are or have been involved in at school or in the community
  • Work or volunteer experience
  • Leadership experience (can be formal or informal)
  • Other activities or interests involving social justice
  • Anything else you want us to know about your activities and experiences

Essay Questions

If you are a new applicant, please respond to prompts 1, 2, and 3. If you are a returning volunteer, please choose and respond to TWO of the first three prompts, AND answer prompt 4. Maximum 300 words per question.

  1. Please share why you want to be an InIt volunteer and how you hope to grow from this role/experience.
  2. Please tell us about a time you worked on a team. What role did you play in the group? What were some challenges you faced? How did you handle those challenges within the team?
  3. Please tell us about an experience you’ve had working with young people. What did you find most rewarding? What did you find most challenging?
  4. Please share how you’ve grown through your experience as a volunteer and how you plan to contribute if you return.
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