Beth Chandler, YW Boston President & CEO, joins NECN to discuss power and pay gaps

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Beth Chandler, YW Boston’s President and CEO, joined NECN’s Brian Burnell alongside Eos Foundation President Andrea Silbert to discuss the power gap among top earners at elite universities and the NCAA. As research has shown, while women make up the majority of college students, masters degree holders, and Ph.D. holders, they are only 24% of the top earners at these institutions. Women of color are especially underrepresented, making up only 2.5% of top earners. They also spoke about the disparities in the NCAA March Madness tournament, during which women’s basketball players were denied many of the resources that the men’s players received. 


As Beth pointed out, “people are not necessarily intentionally not hiring women of color. What happens is we hire people we know. We refer people we know. Our groups look like we do. So if the majority of your managers and senior leaders are White and White men, the people they know and who they are going to recommend are White men. That is why there has to be intentionality around people reaching out and getting to know and connecting with other people. If we don’t expand our networks, then they are going to look like us…It is going to perpetuate itself.” She also spoke about how this can affect the internal promotions process.


Beth spoke about Parity on Board, a YW Boston led coalition, which seeks to increase gender and racial representation on public boards and commissions. As she stated, we must strive to ensure that those in leadership in Massachusetts are representative of the Commonwealth’s demographics.

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