President & CEO Beth Chandler discusses the election results on Radio Boston

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Beth Chandler, YW Boston’s President & CEO, joined WBUR’s Radio Boston on November 9, 2020 for the discussion “Processing the Election Results.”


Beth joined Tiziana Dearing, Host of Radio Boston, and Setti Warren, Executive Director of the Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics, and Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School to answer listener calls. Tiziana asked listeners, “How are you feeling about the election results today?”


When Tiziana asked Beth about her reaction to the election results, she shared, “I mean you were asking callers if you feel relieved, hopeful, fearful, anxious. I will say I still feel all of those things. I felt my shoulders, once it was announced for Biden/Harris, relax but not entirely, because the world hasn’t changed. There is still systemic racism. There is still misogyny. My son the other day said he hoped Biden wins because he was scared to walk outside because he was seeing on social media extremist groups and the KKK. He thought he would be in harm’s way. I still feel a little tense even though I am excited about the possibility of what this administration could offer.”


Looking toward the future of the new administration, Beth shared she believes “it restores faith in our institutions, not only the electoral institutions but also the EPA and other institutions that have felt like they are dismantling. […] I feel there is a possibility to demonstrate inclusivity through cabinet appointments and show what is possible when you have diverse perspectives at the table and in the decision making process.” However, she acknowledged the challenges in the new administration’s path, stating “With the divide in this country and the fact that over 70 million people did not widely repudiate white supremacy, that is scary to me. I am concerned about the pressure on this administration and the hopes people have, and that is a lot to live up to.” 


Read YW Boston’s statement on the presidential election.


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