YW Boston’s Director of D&I, Bianca Robinson, announced as panelist for the 6th Annual Reach(OUT) LGBTQA+ Career Conference


This year, Northeastern University will host its 6th Reach(OUT) LGBTQA+ Career Conference on October 25th and 26th. YW Boston’s Director of Diversity & Inclusion, Bianca Robinson, will once again join this event as one of their featured panelists. Bianca led a keynote address during last year’s event, and this year she will participate in two panels—It’s Not You, It’s Them: Assessing Fit and Culture and Building Your Support Network at Work.

The annual Reach(OUT) LGBTQA+ Career Conference focuses on the perspectives and concerns of queer, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, gender non-conforming, non-binary, intersex, and asexual students in preparation for co-op, internships, and professional life beyond campus. Students have the opportunity to hear from alumni and professionals in various industries about topics such as navigating microaggressions, corporate culture, gender presentation, etc. Additionally, students engage with their peers on these topics and meet with professionals to further discuss questions related to preparing for professional working environments.


Find more information about the Reach(OUT) conference as well as Bianca’s scheduled panels below.



Reach(OUT) LGBTQA+ career conference flyer


It’s Not You, It’s Them: Assessing Fit and Culture

Breakout Session 1: 11 – 11:50 AM

Moderator: Brianne McDonough
Panelists: John Basile, Gladys Munoz Romero, Bianca Robinson, Winson Wang, Braden Marstaller

Can’t relate to the workspace or the company’s “culture”? Have the Sunday scaries? When is the right time to go? How do you handle those stinky microaggressions without ruining workplace relationships? This panel will discuss how to figure out those unwritten rules for fitting in, figure out if a workspace is meant for you, and, if it comes to it, cut ties professionally.


Building Your Support Network at Work (2nd Session)

Breakout Session 3: 2:35 – 3:25 PM

Moderator: Steve Savitsky
Panelists: Bianca Robinson, Mary King, Nick Walcott, Alex Hall

We all deserve to be supported at work, but typically, we have to build that support ourselves. How can we think about making connections and building relationships so that we have coworkers and mentors who can listen, affirm, and advocate for us? And how can we show up for our fellow coworkers with marginalized identities as we may experience some similar and some different things around microaggressions, exclusionary behavior or practices, and/or being the “only one”?


To register for this event, visit https://provost.northeastern.edu/oidi/programs/reachout/



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