What They Are and How To Avoid Them

Building on learnings from our Implicit Bias workshop, our Microaggressions workshop will introduce participants to the concept of microaggressions and how they affect individuals across different identities. Participants will explore the importance of addressing microaggressions and identify effective strategies for doing so. Facilitators will focus on problem-solving and help participants develop new strategies, both for allies trying to disrupt microaggressions and for those experiencing them.


Workshop Overview

Introduction: Workshop Objectives
Facilitators will lay the foundation for the Microaggressions workshop, building on frameworks and learnings from the Implicit Bias workshop.

Section I: Understanding Microaggressions
Through interactive activities and media, participants will build a shared understanding of how implicit bias functions and how it can materialize in the act of microaggressions.

Section II: Preventing and Addressing Microaggressions
Participants will explore a framework for preventing and addressing microaggressions in the workplace.

Section III: Applied Learning
Using scenarios as learning tools, participants will practice applying the framework and begin considering how to continue these practices in their own work.