Carl’s Story

“LeadBoston has deepened my understanding of socio-economic issues which impact my work.  The strong connection I’ve built with my classmates is truly one-of-a kind.”
– Carl Metzger, LB ’16

As a partner in Goodwin and Procter’s risk and crisis management practice, Carl Metzger knew that he could make better decisions for his organization if he had a deeper understanding of Boston’s communities and systems. He joined LeadBoston to learn more about Boston communities and to be part of a dialogue about how socially responsible leaders and organizations can help shape these communities going forward. 

Carl brought back to Goodwin more advanced leadership skills, complex problem solving abilities, and strong cross-sector network of connections that he could bring to bear on strategic partnerships and opportunities for the company. 

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"LeadBoston helped me to understand Boston, its neighborhoods, and its people in an entirely new way. That knowledge provides a strong foundation for me as a civic and political leader.” - Martha M. Walz (’02) Marty Walz & Associates, former state representative