YW Boston can come to you and facilitate YPD series, or we can help you set up a robust YPD program in your city. 

How does setting up Youth/Police Dialogues benefit my community?

YPD has been shown to create positive change in youth participants, in police officers, and in police-community relations. Specific benefits include:

  • Increased trust between community and police
  • Improved channels of communication between youth and police
  • Police understand the community better
  • Youth develop relationships with officers and are more willing to report a crime
  • Increased sense of empowerment to make positive change

What does YW Boston provide?

For a one-time series in your city, YW Boston will provide everything necessary for the series, but will rely on you to recruit youth and police participants.

If you wish to set up an ongoing YPD program, YW Boston will provide:

  • Assistance and support in identifying a coordinator for your site, and training for the coordinator
  • Help with forming necessary partnerships with your local police department(s), schools, and youth-serving organizations
  • Assistance with screening and training facilitators
  • The YPD curriculum and all necessary materials
  • Support with assessments and data analysis, to make sure the program remains effective and data-driven
  • Ongoing technical assistance and problem solving support

What will I need to do?

For a one-time YPD series, you will need to identify a primary contact for YW Boston and recruit youth and police participants. YW Boston can assist with participant recruitment.

If you wish to set up a YPD program in your city, your responsibilities include:

  • Select a staff person or volunteer to serve as the primary contact for YW Boston’s YPD manager. This person should be prepared to devote approximately 10 hours of coordination time per month for at least 3 months.
  • Secure expressed interest from at least one of the police departments in your community and several youth-serving organizations.
  • Identify and recruit a minimum of 7 (and up to 25) volunteer facilitators to go through a selection process and training. Facilitators should represent a diverse group with respect to gender, race, and age, and at least half of the group should have deep roots in your community.
  • Submit payment for the series as per the fee structure below.
  • At the conclusion of the series, complete assessment forms and submitting data to YW Boston.

What is the cost of bringing YPD to my city?

Costs vary based on the level of involvement needed from YW Boston and the location of the new site. Contact the Youth/Police Dialogues program manager to discuss costs for your site.

How do I get started?

Contact Mica Warton, Youth/Police Dialogues Manager, at 617-585-5421 or mwarton@ywboston.org to discuss your needs and what type of partnership would be best for you.