As the first YWCA in the nation, YW Boston has been at the forefront of advancing social equity for over 150 years. Our Dialogues program has provided over 100 organizations with a structured way to openly talk about race in order to identify and address barriers to equity and inclusion.

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How it works

Diversity without inclusion is not enough. Dialogues helps organizations create the necessary cultural shift that will support inclusive policies and practices. Over the course of five sessions led by expert facilitators, participants will develop a better understanding of their own identities and how individual behaviors can influence organizational culture. Using our advanced assessment tool and the latest research on behavioral and organizational change, Dialogues partners with organizations to create an action plan and provide them with the resources needed to drive organizational change.


The Dialogues program is priced on a sliding scale based on organizational size and sector. Please contact Sheera Bornstein at for more information or to discuss scheduling a consultation.


Dialogues Program Timeline

Dialogues Timeline

Discovery and Assessment (Month 1)

YW Boston staff will meet with a liaison to answer questions, gather context, and identify the needs of the organization. Our staff will administer a pre-assessment tool to set a baseline for future evaluations.  Using this information, our team will tailor the Dialogues Program to help meet organizational goals and complement any existing equity and inclusion efforts.

Dialogues Series (Month 2)

Our expert facilitators will lead five 2-hour sessions focused on active listening, relationship building, development of shared language and frameworks, and connecting observation to action.

First Session: Who Am I?

Second Session: Who Are We?

Third Session: How Did We Get Here?

Fourth Session: What Do I Do?

Fifth Session: What Do We Do?

Action Plan Development (Month 3 to 12)

YW Boston staff will work with your organization to create and implement a custom measurable action plan. This action plan will take into consideration organizational feedback, capacity, and existing internal efforts, as well as insights, gathered during midpoint progress evaluations.

Closing Evaluation (Month 3 to 12)

Upon completion of the Dialogues sessions, our team will administer assessments of knowledge of concepts, engagement, multicultural awareness, and other indicators at quarterly intervals.

Follow-Up and Outcomes (Month 12 and beyond)

YW Boston will report back on the organization’s strengths and areas for growth. Over the course of the program, our staff will provide the organization with tools and recommendations that will support the implementation of the action plan.