Who participates?

We will work with you to assemble a racially and ethnically diverse group of 15-25 staff members to participate in the series. If you would like your entire staff to participate and your staff exceeds 25 people, we strongly suggest you hold an additional series. 

What is involved?

We facilitate five 2-hour Dialogues sessions with the group, generally one night per week for five weeks. The curriculum is carefully planed to build trust, relationships, and understanding at a pace that works. 

  • Session 1: Race and Ethnicity and Personal Identity
  • Session 2: Racial and Ethnic Group Experience 
  • Session 3: Race and Ethnicity and Opportunity
  • Session 4: Vision for Inclusion
  • Session 5: Action Plan

While the Dialogues on Race and Ethnicity is a helpful complement to other diversity and inclusion initiatives within an organization, it is not a substitute for a human resources diversity training. 

What are the results?

Organizations that hold a Dialogues on Race and Ethnicity series will see:

  • Enhanced productivity due to improved communication
  • Higher morale and strengthened employee loyalty to colleagues and the organization
  • A more inclusive environment for all

What is the cost?

Fees vary based on size, type, and location of organization. Contact the Dialogues on Race and Ethnicity program manager to inquire about cost

I’m not sure about a full series. Do you have one-time programming?

Yes! Based on high demand, YW Boston now offers one-time workshops to organizations interested in the Dialogues on Race and Ethnicity program. See workshop offerings