Based on high demand, YW Boston now offers one-time workshops to organizations interested in the Dialogues on Race and Ethnicity program.


As issues of racial equity are increasingly in the national spotlight, organizations are looking for resources to engage employees in productive and safe conversations on these critical topics. YW Boston’s workshops guide participants through a multi-step process of personal reflection, building group communication and culture, developing knowledge and awareness of the frameworks in which race manifests, and action planning for the future. 

The YW Boston staff and volunteers who administer the workshops are highly trained in workshop content, adult education, and facilitation. YW Boston is frequently honored for the impact of its racial equity work, most recently by Color Magazine


Understanding Race, Moving to Racial Equity

Introduces key terminology and concepts in understanding race, including frameworks in which race operates. Creates a safe space for reflection on identities individually, in affinity groups, then as a large group. Facilitates brainstorming about potential action steps to move towards greater racial equity. 

Microaggressions: What They Are, How to Avoid Them

Introduces general concept of microaggressions and how they affect people across different identities. Explores why it is important to address microaggressions and effective strategies for doing so. Engages participants in problem solving and developing new strategies for those experiencing microaggressions and for allies. 

Confronting Inequities in Boston

Through an experiential, team-based exercise, participants are tasked with exploring various neighborhoods across Boston to gauge specific markers of social equity. Following the exercise, teams share their learning with one another and discuss implication of their findings on their customers, employees, and other stakeholders.  


Group Size

Workshops can generally be tailored to groups of different sizes, from approximately 20 to 80 participants. The Understanding Race workshop has a maximum group size of 25 participants, though several workshops can be run in succession so that your entire staff can participate; this workshop also requires that at least 30% of participants be people of color. The Microaggressions workshop has a maximum group size of 80 participants. Size will affect workshop cost.  

Workshop Length

Workshops can generally be tailored to available length of time, with a minimum of 45 minutes. The ideal length for a workshop is 3 hours. The Confronting Inequities in Boston workshop takes a minimum of 5 hours.

Cost and availability

The cost of workshops is negotiable based upon group size, workshop length, and type of organization.

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