LeadBoston Class of 2019 Application Form

Applications are open! Apply by AUGUST 15TH for EARLY CONSIDERATION and ADMISSION to the class.

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  • To promote gender inclusivity, we have a practice of sharing our pronouns along with our names when introducing ourselves. Learn more.
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  • Are there any other aspects of your identity that you would like to share and could contribute to your or others’ LeadBoston experience?
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  • I understand that LeadBoston is a competitive and selective process and that my application does not guarantee my selection for the program. I understand that LeadBoston tuition ranges from $2,000 to $6,500, depending on my employer's size and sector. In addition, participants are expected to contribute a personal tuition of $300. Should I be selected for the program, I commit to either obtain my employer's or other sponsor's financial commitment, or directly pay the entire tuition myself. I further understand that payment in full, or agreement with YW Boston on a specific payment plan, is required before the program begins. I understand that the tuition and all fees are non-refundable. I understand that consistent participation is vital to the success of the program and my learning. I will devote the time and resources necessary to ensure my full participation. The program commitment includes: 9 program days, 1/2 day orientation, an overnight retreat, and a graduation/closing celebration. Although emergencies may arise, I acknowledge that missing more than 10 program hours may result in my withdrawal from the program. Because LeadBoston may require time away from my workplace, I will discuss the requirements and time commitment with my supervisors before I complete the enrollment process. If I am selected for an interview, I understand that I must submit a signed employer commitment form at the time of my interview. (Will receive this via email upon receipt of an interview slot.)

Employer Commitment Form

In addition to the online application and interview, we also require an Employer Commitment Form in order to complete your application package. This form confirms that you, your employer, and YW Boston are in agreement regarding the time and monetary commitments of LeadBoston.

Please download and print this form and provide it to your employer to fill out and sign. Once completed, please scan and email to Francisca Da Silveira, LeadBoston Program Associate, at fdasilveira@ywboston.org, or bring a signed copy with you to your interview.