Renée Graham

Associate Editor and Columnist, The Boston Globe

Renée Graham is an opinion columnist and associate editor for the Boston Globe. She writes on a variety of subjects including race and racism, domestic violence, LGBTQ issues, police misconduct, gun control, and politics. Graham is also a regular contributor on WBUR-FM’s “Radio Boston.” 

Graham is a featured commentator in several CNN Original Series covering the decades of the 20th century: “The Seventies,” “The Eighties,” “The Nineties,” and its first dive into the 21st century with “The 2000s.” Graham was also featured in the four-part original documentary “1968: The Year That Changed America,” which aired on CNN in 2018.  She can currently be seen in the acclaimed Netflix documentary, “The Two Killings of Sam Cooke,” about the life, activism, and suspicious death of the soul music icon.

Discussion Content

“Use your white privilege to fight racism” by Renée Graham

Brief Intro:

When two young black men were arrested under false pretenses at a Philadelphia Starbucks, I wrote a column criticizing that arrest as racist. I received hundreds of reader comments, including some from white people who said they were “ashamed” of their race and their privilege. I wrote the above column urging that instead of shame, they should use their privilege to fight racism.


Renée’s Discussion Questions (PDF for Print)

    1. How do you define the term “white privilege”?
    2. What does it mean to use privilege to help others?
    3. How can you help non-people of color recognize their privilege?