Naomie Raymond

Miss Black Massachusetts USA 2018

Naomie Raymond is the Founder of Never Rated and also Miss Black Massachusetts USA 2018. Never Rated was created to enable women to build their self-esteem, through helping them acknowledge who they are which in turn allows them not to settle for less and realize they are not defined by society’s standards. The organization reaches out to teens and women throughout the city by various initiatives and workshops. Naomie is also the Co-Founder of S&N Connection a ministry she began with her fiancé to reach out to men, women, students and children who are looking to gain more knowledge in spirituality, love and covenant. Naomie hopes to empower men and women one step at a time and to walk in her purpose to fulfill her mission in life. Naomie has also been featured on Boston Voyager, Ebony Magazine, Wicked Local Somerville, Urban Collective Show, Boston Come Through and GRLZ Radio.

Discussion Content

“For Blacks in Boston, A Power Outage” by The Boston Globe Spotlight Team

The Boston Globe

Brief Intro:

I chose this article because as black men and women we need to work together and make a difference in our communities in every form locally and statewide. When you look at other cities, for example Atlanta or Los Angeles, the black community is rapidly growing in businesses and more. Collaboration is important and especially support from one another. We need to begin supporting each other in Boston through politics, business, art, fashion etc. to see change in our community. The next generation is counting on us!

Naomie‘s Discussion Questions (PDF for Print)

  1. How can we begin to change the stigmas in the black communities in Boston?
  2. How can we make men and women of color feel more supported in the Boston area?
  3. What can we do to see more people of color in office?
  4. Where can we find resources or mentors to help entrepreneurs flourish in their businesses in Boston?
  5. How can you begin to make a difference in your own local area?