Chrislerne Jean-Louis

High School Student and Delegate, YW Boston’s InIt Program

Chrislerne Jean-Louis is 17-years-old and dreams of pursuing a career in social justice. Chrislerne participates in programs such as YW Boston’s Youth Leadership Initiative (InIt) to widen understanding of political and social problems faced in our society. By the time Chrislerne is an adult, Chrislerne hopes to have solutions on how to strive towards a better America. By the age of 30, Chrislerne hopes to be a proud Howard Law school graduate and well into the journey of becoming a state attorney.


Discussion Content

“Strike Out” by Atlanta Team at the 2015 Annual Brave New Voices International Youth Poetry Slam Festival

Brief Intro:

The reason why I choose this piece is that it gives a new meaning to when we say “the playing field is uneven,”. I find it sad that it’s has been 3 years since this was released and there has been no major improvement in this issue of police brutality in the black community and gun control in America. Even though this video can be a bit confusing if you don’t understand baseball by the end everything comes together as a powerful message that provides you with a more complete understanding of the problem that the black community face with gun violence.


Chrislerne’s Discussion Questions (PDF for Print)

    1. What things do we need to focus on when we talk about fixing police brutality and gun violence in America?
    2. How can we break down the harmful stereotypes and the imitation that people feel and think when they see darker skin?
    3. What was your take on the video you just saw? Do you think things are exactly how they were when this video first came out? If not what do you thing has changed? If so why do you think things are the same?