Reaching women who need it most

Unfortunately, many women do not have traditional access to health care and education. To bridge this gap, our multilingual health educators travel to where women are – whether that is in a homeless shelter, halfway home, or a prison – to bring expertise and resources that may be otherwise unavailable to the women served or housed there.

We deliver the Women’s Health and Wellness workshop series at community locations throughout Boston in coordination with our partners. The workshop series (typically six sessions) covers the topics most important to women’s long-term health and wellbeing, including:

  • Breast health  
  • Diabetes and Nutrition 
  • Heart health and stress management  
  • Sexual health
  • Self-esteem 
  • Domestic violence and healthy relationships  

We also offer the Healthy Text Reminders service to all women. This service sends periodic text messages reminding women to schedule recommended health screenings.  

All Women’s Health and Wellness services are free of charge and are available in Spanish. 

Through this program, women like Yasony (in the video on the right) not only receive important information on their health and well-being but also share the information they learn with their families. This is our way of empowering women and communities in the city of Boston.

Workshop participant from Suffolk County House of Corrections

“Reading her story reminds me of me, because I’m bruised and pained like she was, but I also hear how she got through it and how strong she is and it makes me feel like I can survive this too.” [After reading the story of a domestic violence survivor.]

Host site partner

"Participating in Health and Wellness is beneficial to our organization because the families we serve often have limited resources or knowledge to learn about sexual health, self-esteem, domestic violence, etc. Having a safe place and a professional facilitate the workshop is not only informative but engaging for the families our organization serves."