Based on popular demand, the InIt program now offers workshops and assemblies to entire classrooms and schools.

These sessions provide a wider student audience with education on social justice topics and skill building opportunities. Through interactive, experiential-based activities, this programming will:

  • Provide an opportunity for facilitated dialogue about challenging topics;
  • Raise awareness and increase knowledge about a particular social justice topic; and,
  • Help create a culture of inclusion and open, honest conversation about social justice issues.

The InIt staff who administer the workshops are highly trained in workshop content, youth development, and facilitation. InIt’s approach was selected among hundreds of youth programs nationwide for inclusion in a handbook of best practices for social emotional learning. 


Workshop and assemblies cover social justice topics that are relevant to young adults and critical for socially responsible communities. Content can be tailored to meet a group’s specific needs. 

Introductory Workshops

Social Justice and Personal Identity

General concepts of social justice and socially responsible leadership; the Cycles of Socialization and Liberation; and the 4 “I’s” – how inequities are reinforced at internal, interpersonal, institutional, and ideological levels. 

Introduction to Race and Ethnicity

How race is a social construct that affects lives; the negative impact of racial stereotypes; defines the difference between individual biases and racism as a system that includes both prejudice and power. This workshop is intended for a diverse group of students, with at least 30% students of color.

Gender Equity

The influence of gender norms; where, why, and how the gender binary is enforced and its impact on society; how gender equity means working together to dismantle inequity rather than gaining power at the expense of others.

Intermediate Workshops

Race and Ethnicity 2.0

For groups who are looking to take their learning and discussion on racial equity to the next level; explores race within the context of participants’ daily lives and encourages personal reflection and group problem-solving to support community efforts to address issues of race. Completion of “Introduction to Race and Ethnicity” is recommended prior to this workshop. This workshop is intended for a diverse group of students, with at least 30% students of color. 

Gender and Media

Explores the role of print and visual media in developing and maintaining often harmful gender norms; engages participants in analyzing these messages and developing further critical awareness of how these messages affect individuals and society by reinforcing the gender binary.  Participants will explore connections between consumer culture and gender portrayals and learn to look at images in the media critically. Completion of “Gender Equity” or another introductory level workshop is recommended prior to this workshop.

Privilege and Solidarity

Covering: The 4 “I”s of how injustice and privilege operate on multiple levels; importance of “diversity” lens versus “colorblindness”; how to offer effective and supportive solidarity to individuals and groups that have less privilege. This workshop is intended for a group comprised largely of youth who represent privileged groups (e.g., men, white people, etc.).


Introduces general concept of microaggressions and how they affect people across different identities; explores why they are important to address and effective strategies in doing so; engages participants in problem-solving and developing new strategies both for those experiencing microaggressions and for those in solidarity. Completion of “Social Justice and Personal Identity” or another introductory level workshop is recommended prior to this workshop.


Group Size

Workshops can be tailored to groups of different sizes, from approximately 10 to 350 students. Size will affect workshop cost. 

Workshop Length

Workshops can be tailored to available length of time, with a minimum of 45 minutes. 

Cost and availability

The cost of workshops is negotiable based upon group size, workshop length, and type of school.

Updated 10/13/17: Four vouchers for a workshop discount are still available on a first come, first served basis for current InIt partners. Current InIt partners are those schools or organizations that are currently sending a delegation or that have sent a delegation in two of the past three years. These vouchers can be used toward any size or length of workshop. 

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