Andrea Paciello

Executive Director, Teaching & Education, Massachusetts General Hospital

Why do you want to be a part of LeadBoston?

“Working in healthcare, I recognize that most of one’s health is not influenced by care delivery, but rather what we call the ‘social determinants of health’ – the external factors such as access to good nutrition, ability to live and work in a safe environment, financial means to fill and take medications, the quality of educational and employment opportunities, etc. I hope through LeadBoston to see first-hand how those social determinants of health in Boston – the housing, transportation, public safety, educational systems, etc. can be impacted in positive ways to improve health, and what actions I personally can take to contribute to those efforts. Given that Mass General is the largest employer in the City of Boston outside the government itself, I am also particularly interested in learning more about what our vibrant healthcare industry can do to connect people needing jobs with the skills and opportunities they require.”