B. Joanna Chen

(she/her or they/their) Organizational Development Senior Coordinator
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B. Joanna Chen joined YW Boston in March 2020 as LeadBoston’s Program Associate. In winter 2021, she transitioned to the InclusionBoston team. As YW’s Organizational Development Senior Coordinator, she supports organizations as they create and implement action plans to advance equity, inclusion, and diversity across their organizations.

Prior to YW, Joanna worked at a running store, as a college verse and composition instructor, and as a 3D-printing customer and partner services agent.

Born in Grand Rapids, MI to Taiwanese-Chinese parents who immigrated to the States, Joanna holds a bachelor’s in English and Sociology and minors in Inequality Studies and Asian American Studies from Cornell University. She received her Master’s in Fine Arts in Poetry from the University of Oregon, where she served as a department steward for the graduate student union. She is a VONA (Voices of Our Nation Arts Foundation) alum.


B. Joanna Chen