Jimmy Juste

(he/his/him/they) Manager of InclusionBoston
Jimmy Juste 3

Jimmy is always looking for new spaces to ask hard questions and cause a bit of a raucous. He has had the privilege of being welcomed into Montessori spaces for the last nine years and is grateful for the opportunity to disrupt and transform its culture through consulting for diversity, equity, inclusion and creative thinking. Jimmy was of service as the founding Director of Equity and Inclusion at the Inly School in Scituate MA (2015-2020), where he fostered a knack for facilitating authentic and audacious conversation. He is excited to be a part of Embracing Equity’s Leadership Residency. Standing on the shoulders of giants, his years as a performance artist, actor, background vocalist and writer gives him insight into what it means to take on the vantage point of others in service of getting free!



Jimmy Juste