Kemarah Sika

(she/her/hers) Chief Program Officer

Kemarah joined YW Boston in April of 2017. As Chief Program Officer, Kemarah leads the team that oversees YW Boston Programs and Advocacy work. Kemarah has over 15 years of experience developing curricula and programs for non-profits and schools. With a Master’s of Library and Information Science, she shares a passion for life-long learning, teaching, and advocacy. Social justice work and women’s empowerment initiatives have formed the foundation of her community development projects.

As a Boston native and lifelong resident, she has devoted herself to creating programs and learning experiences that invite individuals to build skills, increase knowledge, change behaviors, and create communication frameworks for problem-solving. Kemarah has leveraged her vast experience working in a variety of educational settings to build a toolkit for designing flexible learning environments where people are encouraged to identify their strengths, organize their knowledge, and tackle their challenges.

Before joining YW Boston, Kemarah was the Director of Academic Programs at St. Stephen’s Youth Programs, working with youth and families providing a safe space to improve academic achievement through a focus on social-emotional learning and academic rigor.
Previously, Kemarah worked in private and public schools working with teachers to create equitable classrooms using technology along with developing both academic and social-emotional curricula for students.