Creating more inclusive environments is one of the toughest challenges faced by today’s workforce. Greater diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) should be a top priority for organizations looking to keep up with diversifying markets, shifting consumer preferences, and increased demands for corporate accountability. Organizations that fail to prioritize DEI risk missing out on improved organizational culture, better decision-making, greater innovation, improved employee retention, and a host of other benefits.

Our Approach

Achieving greater DEI requires change on various dimensions—policies, practices, attitudes, and behaviors. Changes in people’s attitudes and behaviors regarding social identities, such as race and gender, coupled with supportive policies and practices will lead organizations to be more inclusive.

YW Boston’s approach resides in change theory practice for both individuals and organizations. This practice borrows from public health, organizational learning, organizational change, strategic renewal, and policy change.

Our DEI Services focus on change at three levels: micro (changes to an individual’s knowledge, attitude, behavior, and self-concept,) meso (changes in cultural and interpersonal interactions,) and macro (changes in the policies and practices of institutions and communities.)