For more than 150 years, YW Boston has confronted the problems of systemic racism and inequality at the intersection of race and gender, by promoting peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all. One of the ways YW Boston has and continues to effect change in the community is by encouraging and supporting critical conversations, debates and learning opportunities geared toward bringing people together across differences, as well as championing individuals and groups that are taking powerful action in creating systemic change. Each year, YW Boston hosts events such as the Elevating Lives Series, panel-style convenings that delve into some of the most pressing issues in our city; Stand Against Racism, an annual, national civic-engagement campaign that calls to action individuals, groups and community organizations; and the Academy of Women Achievers luncheon, which celebrates the accomplishments of women leaders across diverse fields.  Additionally, YW Boston helps advocate for policy changes and civic engagement efforts by providing a platform for women of color leaders to share vision and action during our annual Women on the Rise panel. These and several other events hosted throughout the year form the foundation of our community impact work. 


SAVE THE DATE: Upcoming Events


2019 Elevating Lives Series – October 30th and November 21st, 2019


YW Boston’s Annual Meeting – November 19, 2019


YW Boston Academy of Women Achievers – June 2, 2020


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