Logo of YW Boston's FYRE Initiative or Fierce Youth Reigniting Excellence

What is YW Boston’s F.Y.R.E. Initiative?

The F.Y.R.E Initiative is an empowerment and leadership program for middle school girls, inclusive of trans and gender non-conforming students, within the Greater Boston area. It is an in-school and after-school program that uses dialogue and experiential learning through a curriculum that focuses on positive self-identity and social emotional skills, as well as social justice and civic engagement.


In our weekly program, participants gain the skills and knowledge to assess racial and gender inequities within Boston, build a sense of self and empowerment, and increase their capacity for engagement in advocacy as they examine their own needs and the needs of their community. At the end of the program, students will present a community action project at a F.Y.R.E. Initiative organized event where students have the opportunity to engage with other youth leaders across Greater Boston.




Thank you to our F.Y.R.E. Initiative Sponsors: Alexion Charitable Foundation and Citizens


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Program Objectives

• Participants will utilize critical thinking to assess racial and gender inequities in the City of Boston

• Participants will learn about historical and current movements for racial and gender equity

• Participants will increase their capacity to engage in advocacy and policy change and lead others to act on issues important to them

• Participants will build a sense of self, empowerment, and resilience through controlling their lives and making an impact in their community

• Participants will identify community needs and assets and build problem-solving skills in identifying solutions

• Participants will understand how identities intersect and are impacted by systems of power

• Participants will utilize reflection, empathy, and conflict resolution to work across differences to resolve broader institutional issues

FYRE Initiative girls leadership program Boston group of participants

The F.Y.R.E. Initiative consists of weekly 1-hour sessions.

Section I: Learn – Students deepen their understanding of oppression, institutional power, and people power as they relate to their  own lived  experiences.

Section II: Plan – Students utilize group decision-making and problem-solving skills to research and identify issues within their school communities.

Section III: Act – Students will implement Community Action Projects that will address the community issues they have identified during the “Learn” and “Plan” sessions.

YW Boston Gender Inclusion Statement: