Introduction to the YW Privacy Policy

YW Boston is committed to protecting the personal and private information that donors, supporters and program participants share with us both online and off.  Financial or in-kind donations made through our YW Boston website require donors to provide name and contact information, along with standard payment information that may include credit card data.   We understand the importance of protecting your privacy and do everything we can to safeguard your information.

In an effort to alleviate any concerns you may have about online and offline data capture processes at YW Boston, we have created a comprehensive privacy policy that explains our approach to data collection and information storing practices.  In this policy overview, donors, supporters and program participants will find all of the information needed to understand where, what, when, why and how we collect and use the information you share with our organization in direct and indirect interactions with our website and social media channels, as well as during in-person events and through interactions with the YW team.

This privacy policy consists of four sections that highlight important information about YW Boston’s position on data capture and management practices related to all of our current and future collaborations.  Please read this policy carefully and send any questions or concerns you may have to the email address listed in the final section.


We Respect & Protect Your Privacy

Industry standard safeguards are in place for processing any and all personal and private financial information shared with YW Boston.  We use powerful encryption software to process credit card information.  Network firewalls, physical security and access control are part of our practices when managing the sensitive data of donors, supporters and program participants.  These safety systems make it extremely difficult for donor information and information associated with members of our community to be intercepted or tampered with in any way.  The vendors YW Boston works with to capture, process and store your information have been carefully vetted to ensure that their privacy practices meet YW Boston standards and align with our priorities to keep the information you share with YW Boston safe.

We recognize that our organization depends on your trust and support.  Therefore, YW Boston never sells, trades or shares personally identifiable donor information with other entities, except as it relates to the vendors we employ in processing payments and storing contact information securely.   Additionally, we do not send mailings to donors on behalf of other organizations, unless donors have expressed interest in learning more about our affiliates, partners and network connections.

All external companies assisting YW Boston in the process of securing and managing YW community data are subject to strict confidentiality rules and are bound by contract to use this data only as it relates to our organization’s objectives in building a safe, engaging and productive community.  We regularly review the practices of our external vendors to make sure that their priorities continuously align with ours and that the information you entrust to our organization is handled with the utmost care.  Any vendor contracts that violate or deviate in any way from the privacy standards we have set for our community are swiftly and permanently terminated.

How and Why We Use the Data We Collect

Our website provides easy and secure ways to interact with the YW Boston team and access services, opportunities and information about special activities and events we host throughout the year.  In our efforts to get to know our community members and better serve those who need our support, we collect information about our website visitors both directly, through surveys, online forms, payment and donation portals and indirectly through the use of web tools such Google Analytics.  All information collected through these channels is subject to the same careful treatment we give to the personal and private data our donors, supporters and program participants share with us.  We never sell, trade or in any way distribute the direct or indirect information collected from your interactions with the content we share on our website and across social media platforms.


The Where, When & What of the Data We Currently Collect

When you use our website or make financial contributions, register for workshops or special events, sign up as a volunteer or apply for a job at YW Boston, we ask for standard information such as your name, address, phone number, and other data relevant to the transaction. We will ask for standard credit card information when you make a financial donation, pay for a workshop or purchase tickets for events.  Once a transaction clears, we do not retain any data associated with a transaction, other than the dollar amounts and the name of the donor, workshop participant or event attendee.

In addition to the information collected directly from visitors and community members engaging with our web forms, YW Boston obtains information about website visitors from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools.  For example, we use plugins on our website that highlight engagement data points and provide frameworks for understanding what content and information are most relevant to our visitors, donors, supporters and community members.  We use this data to improve the flow of our website, to further connections and to deepen engagement with people who might be interested in participating in YW Boston programs or contributing to the mission in ways that align with their unique participation goals.


YW Boston’s Privacy Policy Agreement

We know that privacy matters to our community of donors, supporters and program participants and we want to be transparent with you about the ways in which information is processed, managed and stored in YW Boston databases.  This policy may be updated from time to time to reflect changes that improve how, what, when, where and why we collect information.

By visiting the YW Boston website, engaging with the content we share or submitting information through any of our forms or payment systems, you are agreeing to participate in the data collection and use practices outlined in this privacy policy.

Questions or concerns regarding YW Boston’s privacy practices may be directed to our Associate Director of Marketing and Communications:

We appreciate your commitment to YW Boston and value your ongoing trust and support.