YW Boston’s Trailblazers

YW Boston Trailblazers lead the way so that we all can become leaders creating a more equitable Boston for all. Our Trailblazers program is an opportunity for you to provide crucial, ongoing support toward our mission to eliminate racism and empower women.


How does it work?

Giving monthly means your gift will make an impact year-round in a budget-friendly format. As a Trailblazer, you contribute to YW Boston’s work via automatic monthly giving. YW Boston will provide one gift acknowledgment for your taxes at the end of the calendar year. Your monthly donation can be of any amount that is meaningful to you. Below are some examples of how your can fit your monthly donation into your budget:

  • Donate $10/month, less than a week of coffee to go
  • Donate $20/month, similar to a bundle of your favorite streaming subscriptions
  • Donate $50/month, to match your gym membership

If you give $84/month, you will also be recognized as a member of our Persimmon Society.