The Persimmon Society

Named after YWCA’s signature color, the Persimmon Society is the leadership giving society of YW Boston, made up of our most consistent and generous supporters. By donating $1,000 or more in a calendar year, you automatically become a member of the Society. As a Persimmon member, you will be invited to special events featuring civic and business leaders, recognized in our annual reports and on our website, and provided with advanced ticket sales for our major events. Supporters who give more than $5,000 in one calendar year are part of the President’s Circle of the Persimmon Society.

Current Persimmon Society Members

Suzanne Abair and Kat MacDonald  Pamela and Robert Adams  Geeta B. Aiyer  Ivor Cary Armistead III and Fay Donohue  Elizabeth Baum and William Berman  Judy A. Beal  Sherri-Ann Burnett-Bowie  Annie Garmey Clutz  Katherine Collins  Gizella Crawford ⋅ Julie A. Crockford  Ethan and Amy d’Ablemont Burnes ⋅ Willma Davis ⋅ Iphigenia Demetriades Debra DeVenne  Sean R. Driscoll Jessica Ragosta Early  Mary Fagan ⋅ Rebecca Fain ⋅ Sandra L. Fenwick   Jeff and Mary Fuhrer  Richard C. and Louisa Garrison  Maureen and Tony Gemma   Eunice M. Harps Mrs. Elin S. Harris Christie and Bob Hedges ⋅ Susan and Julian Houston  Natalie Jensen Sylvester Jones Cynthia Keliher, Esq.  Diana J. Kelly ⋅ Abbott Lawrence  Paul and Mary Lee   Rebecca A. Lee  Pamela F. Lenehan and Lawrence Geuss   Christine and David Letts  Lois L. Lindauer  Kevin McCall  Jillian E. McGrath  Linnie W. McLean  Laura McTaggart  Ingrid Melvin  Mark C. and Nancy Michalowski, Esq.  Cathy Minehan  Marion and Lori Minichiello  Kathryn Cochrane Murphy, Esq.  Elena B. Olson Daniel and Diana Phillips ⋅ May C. Pian-Smith   Mark Polebaum and Diane Buhl  Sharon Reilly and Robert Cohen  Robert F. Rivers  Judi and Bill Rosensweig   Sherrie Saint-Amant  Lisa E. Sarno Larry and Brad Seamans  Sandra Sims-Williams  Rachel Smith ⋅ Jane Tewksbury ⋅ Paula Turnbull  Ms. Anne Louise C. Van Nostrand  Patricia G. and Stephen Vinter  Roslyn Watson ⋅ Cedric Williams   Katherine B. Winter   Mary Yntema