Laurel Berryman

Activist, Former Racial and Gender Equity Program Coordinator, YWCA of Southeastern Massachusetts

Laurel Berryman is setting a new standard for the fundamental practice of anti- racism within institutions throughout Southeastern Massachusetts. Her commitment to using education as a tool for reform and empowerment is challenging the way individuals and organizations alike, handle Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) work. An experienced public speaker, researcher and human rights activist; Laurel specializes in developing educational programs about race and gender, and fostering conversations for change as the Racial & Gender Equity Program Coordinator at The YWCA Southeastern Massachusetts. 

Discussion Content

The Land That Has Never Been Yet, Scene on Radio (Podcast season)


Brief intro: 

The content that I have selected has helped me on my journey to making anti- racism a way of life. I find them to be especially useful tools in understanding racist systems and structures; how they formed, how they are upheld, and how to dismantle them. I amplify the work of fellow Black Feminists and Abolitionists, whose work is focused on liberating all people, and does not exclude or erase individual’s experiences based on race, class, gender identity, sexual orientation, and age.  

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Laurel Berryman’s Discussion Questions (PDF for Print)

  1. Is your activism performative, or are you actively implementing anti-racist practices in your life and in your community? 
  2. Practicing anti-racism can be extremely taxing. Do you practice selfcare? Think about the pitfalls of anti-racist work and focus on prioritizing your mental and health.  

  3. Consider your sphere of influence. Is your family and or friend group diverse? Do you have BIPOC authors on our bookshelf? Are you engaging in conversations with people who don’t look like you, believe what you believe, and love who you love? If the answer is no to any of those questions, ask yourself how you can become more mindful about what influences are surrounding you, as it affects your world view.