Advocating at the intersection of racial and gender equity: Our 2021 recap

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Throughout 2021 the YW Boston Advocacy Committee has continued to meet virtually and worked towards our goals of advancing public policy that makes the City of Boston and the state of Massachusetts more equitable for all. This year we welcomed 10 new members to the committee, engaged with thought leaders and change-makers, and took action on our newly formed policy priorities. Some of the highlights of this year’s work include:

The Committee selected and supported new priorities based on new crises we’re facing as a result of the pandemic.

Learn more about these topics:

The committee signed onto additional pieces of legislation throughout the year by:

  • Submitting testimony for â€śAn Act Relative to Pay Transparency in the Workplace,”  H.2020/S.1911 that the Wage Equity Now Coalition is working to advance.
  • Supporting the work of the Protected at Work Coalition to pass “An Act Relative to Employment Protections for Victims of Abusive Behavior” H.2018/S.1173.
  • Signing a letter in support of “An Act Prohibiting Weight Based Discrimination” H.1822/S.1127. Learn more:

The Committee set aside our April meeting to discuss material suggested by our Stand Against Racism curators.

Throughout the year we welcomed speakers from various coalitions and organizations we are apart of and support including:

In September we attended an outdoor rally at the Statehouse in support of Menstrual Equity.

In the new year:

We will continue supporting efforts to get the Parity on Board legislation passed in the statehouse. You can reach out to your legislators now using this template to encourage them to ask that the bill be reported out of committee.  

We look forward to continuing to work on our current priorities as we enter the second year of the legislative session as we welcome a new set of Advocacy Committee members. If you are interested in staying updated on our priorities sign up for our Advocacy Alerts (below) to learn about ways to take action on our policy priorities as opportunities arise.

Thank you to everyone who has taken steps to advance equity and our advocacy priorities.
We look forward to working towards the passage of many of these policies in the New Year. 


About YW Boston

As the first YWCA in the nation, YW Boston has been at the forefront of advancing equity for over 150 years. Through our DE&I services—such as InclusionBoston and LeadBoston—as well as our advocacy work and F.Y.R.E. Initiative, we help individuals and organizations change policies, practices, attitudes, and behaviors with a goal of creating more inclusive environments where women, people of color, and especially women of color can succeed.

YW Boston Advocacy Committee

The Advocacy Committee supports YW Boston’s mission to eliminate racism and empower women by engaging elected officials, organizations, and the public through legislative advocacy, coalition building, education, and action. The committee develops and implements the organization’s two-year advocacy agenda in order to rectify structural barriers to equity and opportunity for women, girls, and people of color.