InclusionBoston engages organizations in long-term partnerships to create unique solutions to a variety of diversity, equity, and inclusion challenges. Using a customized and measurable change management process and range of training and services, InclusionBoston helps organizations create the necessary cultural shift that will support inclusive policies and practices. Our evidence-based approach builds internal capacity and a plan for cultural change while supporting organizations every step of the way. We deliver our services in person, remotely, or as a combination tailored to our partners’ specific needs.


InclusionBoston has helped over 100 organizations identify and overcome barriers to equity and inclusion. Some of our partners include:

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Tufts University
Mass General
Harvard School
THe Boston Foundation
Boston City Council

How it works

Diversity without inclusion is not enough. InclusionBoston offers a variety of solutions that help advance diversity, equity, and inclusion within organizations. DEI services can be delivered online, in person, or as a combination tailored to an organization’s specific needs. The InclusionBoston model includes:

• Organizational assessment and process design

• In-person and virtual dialogue-based sessions that empower individuals and groups to take positive action

• Pre- and post-evaluations, as well as follow-up processes to ensure that planned action actually occurs.


Gender Dialogues

Launched in 2021, InclusionBoston’s new Gender Dialogues offer an intersectional approach to gender inclusion in the workplace. During our specialized Gender Dialogues, participants will:

• Reflect on the intersectionality of social identities with a focus on gender and how gender interacts with other social identities, mainly race and ethnicity, to provide social advantages and disadvantages.

• Deepen awareness of the history that has shaped the binary gender classification and how its construction impacts us in the present day.

• Cultivate empathy through active listening and experiential learning.

• Build practices that enhance the ability to effectively communicate across difference.

• Identify barriers and outline next steps towards a shared vision for gender equity.



InclusionBoston is priced on a sliding scale based on organizational size and sector. Please contact Sheera Bornstein at for more information or to discuss scheduling a consultation.