AWA 101: What is the Academy of Women Achievers?

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In 1995, YW Boston established the Academy of Women Achievers to promote and celebrate the achievements of women. Each year, some of Boston’s brightest, boldest, bravest and most influential women are selected to be inducted into the Academy at a celebratory luncheon in June. All proceeds from the Academy of Women Achievers luncheon celebration support YW Boston’s programs to eliminate racism, empower women, and promote peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all. 

Who is in the Academy? 

Women who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and achievement in their professional and civic lives are chosen to be inducted into the Academy of Women Achievers. Starting with ten honorees in 1995, the Academy has grown into a dynamic and dedicated group of over 100 women from all walks of life.

Members by year inducted

2015 Lois Cornell, Helen Drinan, Jackie Glenn, Nancy Stager, Sandra Urie 
2014 Stephanie Lovell, Smaiyra Million, Dianne Phillips, Marcy Reed, Helene Solomon, Evelyn Murphy
2013 Rosalin Acosta, Fay Donohue, Sheila Marcelo, Diane B. Patrick, Esq, Alison A. Quirk
2012 Deborah E. Barnard, Yvonne Garcia, Crystal Johnson, Mary Mazzio, Jean Russell
2011 Geri Denterlein, Dr. Carol R. Johnson, Carol I. Sanchez, CPA, Laura Sen, Nancy J. Tarbell, MD
2010 Josefina Bonilla, Deborah Enos, Vicary Graham, Pamela Lenehan, Sandra Sims-Williams
2009 Mary Lou Botwell, Maryanne Cataldo, Carol McMullen, Purnima Sangal, Bennie Wiley
2008 Sarah Abrams, Mary Bonauto, Maureen Curley, Debra Miller, Liz Walker
2007 Ruth Ellen Fitch, Barbara Wallace Grossman, Noriko Miyakoda Hall, Rita Kantarowski, Cynthia Mark, Lissy Medvedow, Madge Meyer, Beverly Morgan-Welch, Rebecca de Vives, Eleanor G. White
2006 Zamawa Arenas, Robin Chase, Dr. Linda A. Clayton, Arlene Fortunato, Lisa Guscott, Deborah Jackson, Stacey Lucchino, Klare Shaw, Nan Stone, Brigid Sullivan

2005 Nancy Altobello, Dr. Alice Chiang, Roberta Herman, M.D., Ambassador Swanee Hunt, Denise Kaigler, Gloria Nemerowicz, Susan Lewis Solomont, Stephanie Sonnabend, Meg Vaillancourt, Kellye Walker
2004 Lani Guinier, Kerry Healey, Melinda Marble, Kathleen O’Toole, Charlotte Golar Richie
2003 Heather P. Campion, Jean Lau Chin, Martha Sloan Felch, Gloria Fox, Carol Fulp, Jackie Jenkins-Scott, Nancy K. Kaufman, Teresa Heinz Kerry, Myra H. Kraft, Nawal M. Nour, M.D., Rosa A. Smith, Janie Victoria Ward
2002 Martha Coakley,¬†Paula Johnson,¬†Karen Kaplan,¬†Florence Ladd,¬†Barbara Lee,¬†Vivien Li,¬†Melissa MacDonnell,¬†Elsa Nu√Īez,¬†Patricia O‚ÄôBrien,¬†Regina Pisa,¬†Kip Tiernan,¬†Joan Wallace-Benjamin
2001 JudyAnn Bigby, Elyse Cherry, Pam Cross, Dawn Curtis Hanley, Amy Domini, Frieda Garcia, Joanne Jaxtimer, Gloria C. Larson, Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot, Joan Parker, Marita Rivero, Atsuko Toko Fish
2000 Marjorie Decker, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Marian Heard, Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham, Anna Faith Jones, Bhavya Lal, Maria I. Lopez, Dani Monroe, Lois Silverman, Beth Terrana, Dessima Williams, Anne Woolf
1999 Mara G. Aspinall, Susan S. Bailis, Vicki Donlan, Kathleen Doxer, Augusta Hicks Gale, Meizhu Lui, Bernadine Foster Nash, Raquel Ortiz, Colette Phillips, Shula Reinharz, Helen Bowdoin Spaulding, Elaine Weddington Steward
1998 Ruth M. Batson, Maura S. Doyle, Margaret B. Harrison, Sally D. Jackson, Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Jacqueline Weis Liebergott, Yvedt L. Matory, June Rokoff, Agnes Bundy Scanlan, Cheng Imm Tan, Elaine S. Ullian, Joyce Williams-Mitchell
1997 Amalia Barreda, Joan L. Bavaria, Carolyn Shaw Bell, Denise M. Coll, Anne Finucane, Judy George, Joanna T. Lau, Irma S. Mann, Sheryl R. Marshall, Patricia McGovern, Glendora M. Putnam, Susan R. Windham-Bannister
1996 Margaret A. Burnham, Diane M. Capstaff, J. Elizabeth Harris, Nancy Hawthorne, Vivian Huang, Stacey Kabat, Donna Latson-Gittens, Joan A. Lukey, Cathy E. Minehan, Judy Norsigian, Gail Snowden, Dianne Wilkerson
1995 Patricia P. Baillieul, Anne E. Johnson, Gloria Johnson-Powell, Kija Kim, Linnie W. McLean, Evelyn F. Murphy, Fran Sussner Rodgers, Dorothy Terrell, Clara Wainwright, Patricia Wolpert 

Who is being inducted this year?

At the 2017 AWA luncheon, five women will be inducted into the Academy. 

What happens in the AWA luncheon? 

Over 400 guests attend the luncheon each year to celebrate the honorees. The audience is primarily professional women in the industries of banking, commerce, education, finance,¬†government, health care, law, media, nonprofit,a and real estate. Corporate sponsors make the event possible, and their employees attend the event in support of YW Boston’s mission to eliminate racism, empower women, and promote peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all.¬†

This year, NECN and NBC anchor Latoyia Edwards will emcee. 

Tickets for the 2017 luncheon can be purchased online at: