Day 20: 20 Years of AWA


Evelyn Murphy, PhD. AWA ’94 will receive YW Boston’s Lifetime Achievement Award at tomorrow’s 20th Annual Academy of Women Achievers Celebration!

Evelyn Murphy was elected Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts in 1986, becoming the first woman in the state’s 200 year history to hold constitutional office. After campaigning for Governor in 1990, she joined the firm Brown, Rudnick, Freed & Gesmer as Managing Director and began serving on the boards of several corporate and community organizations.

Evelyn made waves in 2005 with the release of her groundbreaking book, Getting Even: Why women don’t get paid like men and what to do about it. In conjunction with the release of Getting Even, Evelyn founded The WAGE Project (Women Are Getting Even), an organization that continues to battle wage discrimination nationally.

“The essence of Getting Even – the product of eight years of research in which I accumulated evidence of gender wage discrimination never before assembled — is that practically all 23 cents of the gender wage gap is caused by inequitable treatment of working women simply because we are women. That’s unfair. It is also illegal: it is discrimination.”

Learn more about the Wage Project.