Day 7: 20 Years of AWA


Madge Meyer, AWA ’07

A public speaker, author, and the founder of Madge Meyer Consulting, LLC., Madge is known for her unique yet practical approach to advancing innovation and leadership throughout entire organizations. For more than a decade she served as Executive Vice President, then Chief Innovation Officer at State Street.

Madge believes passionately in making innovation “Business-as-Usual.” Her 2013 book, The Innovator’s Path, has been widely praised and presents eight essential disciplines (Listen, Lead, Position, Promote, Connect, Commit, Execute, and Evolve) that pave the way for individuals, teams, and organizations to continually innovate in ways that create new business value.

“As a Chinese female, I started my career when it was very hard for women to attain corporate executive positions, and probably even harder for a Chinese female. So, I learned how to overcome many obstacles during my career. As I often point out, I have many tools in my toolkit that can provide others with the opportunity to learn from those experiences, and help them to accelerate their own paths to success.”