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Volunteer Members

Kristine Acevedo
Operations Manager/ Professional Organizer

I think it’s important to help organizations in their missions. I have worked with a variety of nonprofit organizations such as NARAL, GLAD, Boston GLOW, The Latina Circle, BeVisible, Empower Peace and have worked on several political campaigns as well. Being able to stand up for women’s rights in DC or even locally is something to make people aware of the issues that women go through on a daily basis. Women’s rights are human Rights.

Kelsey Barowich 
Policy Analyst for the Joint Committee State Administration & Regulatory Oversight, 
Commonwealth of Massachusetts

In my free time I work as a co-organizer and co-founder of LGBTQ+ Lowell. We are a grassroots organization geared toward increasing LGBTQ visibility in the Lowell community. Originally developed in response to a Lowell City Councilor’s motion to stand against the “MA Transgender Rights Bill” myself, partnering with local organizers, engaged over 100 local citizens to attend the city council meeting to oppose the motion. Our action was a success and in response all but one city councilor voted to support the State Government Legislation. YWCA combines all of my passions in civil rights, gender equality, and policy. I would love to support this mission as much as possible. 

Megan Bird 
Executive Director, Citizen Schools

I care deeply about the issues you have named as priorities for the committee especially ending the criminalization of youth of color. This shows up in my work daily and I believe I have the opportunity to bring this topic up in many of the spaces and settings in which I find myself as a non-profit leader and partner to the Boston Public Schools. In my work as the Executive Director for Citizen Schools I have advocated locally and at the federal level on issues that impact the communities we serve and our organization. I have supported students and parents to testify as well as met with Principals and staff.

Diane Buhl
Retired Educator

I retired in June after teaching for 17 years, and I feel the need to continue working with others to build communities of understanding and learning. I have been an advocate for young children and adults. As a teacher in both history and English, my life’s work has been devoted to creating environments where individuals realize their own potential and the value of others’ perspectives and life experiences. 

Nakeeda Burns
Legislative Director, MA House of Representatives

I am a Boston born resident who has remained passionate about increasing opportunities for women and people of color through the elimination of various barriers to success (including racism, health inequalities, and economic injustice). I feel that my former experience in youth work at YPACT and health services falls in line with YW’s overall mission and focus. Also, my current experience as a Legislative Director allows me to have a better understanding of the policy goals that YW Boston will be working on as of 2018.

Benjamin Kyle Golden 
Attorney, Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office

I have interned for a state senator, attended rallies for and against various government policies, and helped draft legislation. I believe my experience as an attorney in the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office has given me the skills necessary to help YW Boston enhance its public profile and develop its advocacy agenda. I am often teaching others, and I believe that I could help train staff and/or volunteers who may not yet possess the skills necessary to effectively advocate. In addition, much of my work involves identifying partner organizations who share the same mission and values, and thus I think I could help YW Boston develop a coalition of partners who may be interested in working on the same advocacy issues. 

Consuela Greene
CEO, Synergy and Solutions Consulting; Director of Program Impact, YouthBuild USA; Co-founding member of #NoTeenShame Collaborative

I have an unwavering commitment to addressing racial justice issues facing women, youth, and families. With over 15 years of experience working in the social sector and a wealthy of advocacy and public policy experiences through various employment and causes, I am passionate about a number of policy areas: reproductive justice, health equity, education, mass incarceration, housing, community and economic development, and voter rights.

Beyazmin Jimenez
Program Manager, Citizens’ Housing and Planning Association

I am a strong advocate of women’s issues, and have dedicated time in my efforts to educate myself on issues which disproportionately affect people of color. My passion lies in housing and community development as a tool for social mobility. I believe that if given the access to a safe, stable home and neighborhood- children can better focus on their education, mothers can be healthier for their family, and communities will thrive.

Daisy Ortega 
Associate Director of Training and Capacity Building, Health Resources in Action

I have participated in advocacy work since during my time at Sociedad Latina as a community organizer 11 years ago. I supported twelve high school aged community organizers to move the needle on community development, violence prevention and tobacco prevention efforts in Roxbury and Boston at large. More recently I have done work with the 84, a tobacco prevention initiative my organization leads in partnership with MA DPH. I have been looking for an opportunity to join a board that is involved in up-stream work that helps move the agenda forward on eliminating racism and empowering women (my two main passions and driving forces). Given that my organization is now exploring and equipping staff with the skills and knowledge to do legislation and advocacy work, I would like the opportunity to try practice the skills that I have learned by working on legislation and advocacy efforts to move forward YW Boston’s advocacy agenda.

Philippe Taieb 
Social impact consultant & coach

I have been part of many advocacy initiatives but more as an engaged citizen than the person leading the work or executing it per se. When I think about the issues facing our country and our world, I am glad that YW Boston – with its reputation and history – has decided to be more involved in direct advocacy work. Like many others, I am very concerned about the upcoming Trump administration and even if the results of the election had been different, I find that the four themes that YW is targeting are 1) essential and 2) still need a lot of efforts to get to where they should be. 

Tomiqua Williams
Housing and Community Advocate at Mandela Resident Cooperative Association INC

As a former president of the ROXSE Tenants Council, current Vice President of the Ward 9 Democratic Committee, a member of Vital Village Network, and a certified mediator, I want to advance ideas, learn new techniques and work amongst other women fighting for social justice.

Volunteer members are joined by several YW Boston staff on the Committee: