Pariss Chandler 

Web Developer and Founder of #BlackTechTwitter 

Pariss Chandler, also known as Pariss Athena, is a front-end developer who created the hashtag and movement #BlackTechTwitter. #BlackTechTwitter is a movement bringing awareness and exposure to the Black community in the tech industry. She is also Founder of Black Tech Pipeline, a service-based platform connecting opportunity extenders with technologists in her community, and consulting services on improving diversity and inclusion in the workplace.   

Check out her website, newsletter, twitter, and the Black Tech Pipeline twitter.

Discussion Content

“How I’m Fighting Bias In Algorithms” by Joy Buolamwini 

Poet of Code (TEDx Talk)

Brief Intro:

I chose this video because I’m a Black woman that’s part of an industry that has a huge diversity problem, especially when it comes to Black women in the workplace. There is such a lack of representation that life changing software and products are being built without us in mind, which puts our community in danger. 

Pariss’s Discussion Questions (PDF for Print)

  1. What does a diverse team look like to you?  
  2. What are the dangers of algorithmic bias when teams creating these algorithms are not diverse?
  3. How does lack of representation affect all workplaces, especially when lack of representation is in leadership positions making the big decisions?