Devin and Jason McCourty

Professional Football Players, New England Patriots

Devin and Jason McCourty are identical twins who have both played professional football for over a decade. Together, they’ve won four Super Bowls with Devin earning three rings and Jason getting his first alongside his brother in 2018. Along with their longevity on the field, they have worked very hard to build ties in the community. Devin and Jason started their Tackle Sickle Cell campaign in 2013 and continue to do great work in raising funds and awareness for sickle cell disease. Alongside the Players Coalition and through the work they lead for the New England Patriots team, they’ve been able to advocate for equality and social justice for Black and brown people over the last several years. Combined, Devin and Jason have been nominated for the NFL’s Walter Payton Man of the Year five times, and together were nominees for the NFL’s 2020 Muhammad Ali Sports Humanitarian Award. Jason and Devin are devoted husbands and fathers, both married to their college sweethearts and have five kids between them.

Discussion Content

“Racism Is Not a Historical Footnote” by Bill Russell

Brief intro: 

Bill Russell, one of the best players the NBA has ever seen, was a force on and off the court. He uses this article to teach us how education is the difference in fixing America. A man shaped by his childhood has a heart filled with love and ambition to see a world where everyone is equal. Racism Is Not a Historical Footnote urges us to see American history for what it is and to openly discuss it with everyone. Discussing these tough times will allow everyone to understand how to be better move forward and create the America we all want.

Devin and Jason McCourty’s Discussion Questions (PDF for Print)

  1. Bill Russell says the first part of freedom is giving everyone a chance to speak – even the most hateful. Do you agree or disagree with this thought? And why?

  2. Bill Russell tells the story of his Grandpa waiting alone in the dark for men intent on murdering him. You may not have faced grave circumstances such as these, but have you experienced a feeling of being alone in the dark feeling hopeless?

  3. Bill Russell stood up for injustices while facing injustice as a Boston Celtics player; he was inspired by his family’s journey. Who has inspired you to stand up for different things in your life?

  4. How do the people of this generation reconcile America’s foundation?