Anouska Bhattacharyya, Ph.D.

(she/her or they/their) Vice President of Programs
Anouska - Updated Headshot 2023

Dr. Anouska Bhattacharyya is the Vice President of Programs at YW Boston. Anouska is deeply invested in issues of race, gender and equity in higher education and healthcare.

Anouska was the director of Harvard’s international program, managing incoming students’ immigration status, funding and curriculum development against a backdrop of increasing state violence and xenophobia. She assisted in the overhaul of the university’s core curriculum, and organized faculty protests at the decision to end DACA in 2017. She brings over a decade of expertise in higher education to YW.

Prior to YW Boston, Anouska was heavily involved in the University of Pennsylvania’s MSTP: a program designed to diversify the physician-scientist community in Philadelphia and beyond. She is an award-winning teacher at Harvard, Northeastern and MIT. Anouska received her Ph.D. in history of science from Harvard University in 2013 as a result of her research examining the genealogy of mental health in the British Empire, specifically what it means to be simultaneously colonized by the state and by medicine. She received her bachelor’s degree in natural sciences, and an M.Phil. in history of science, medicine and technology, both from Cambridge University, UK.