Maya Jamaleddine

(she/her/hers) InclusionBoston Manager

Maya Jamaleddine (She/Her) currently serves as InclusionBoston Manager.

Maya is a Lebanese Muslim immigrant who came to the USA in 2004. She started noticing inequality/inequity and racism when her children were of school age. She decided to get more involved in the different local groups and committees to find the best way to educate community members about her background and to make sure her kids are safe and accepted in the community.

In 2015, Maya was appointed as a human right commissioner and worked with the city leaders and the commission to organize events that brings more awareness and acceptance to the community about the different groups that were a minority in the community. She organized the first community Iftar dinner in Melrose that had over 280 community members who had the opportunity to learn about Ramadan and the Muslim religion. In addition, she worked with leaders and community organizers to organize Pride event and Diwali.

In 2018, Maya was appointed as the chair of the Melrose Human Rights commission. She is currently on her second term as Melrose City Councilor and during her campaign she focused on being the voice of minorities and underrepresented population. Maya was the first Hijabi city councilor in MA. She also organized “Know your rights” events to support undocumented and immigrants.

Maya worked in the medical field for over 17 years. She holds a BA in Psychology.

In August 2022, Maya started teaching at Brandeis University, “Documenting the immigrant experience in the USA”. In this class, in addition to documenting the immigrant experience, she highlighted the intersectionality in identities and its effects on shaping the immigrants’ experience.


Maya Jamaleddine