We, Ceremony: Celebrating the Unique Voices of Women of Color


Mu-Chieh Yun, YW Boston’s LeadBoston Coordinator, is shifting social perspectives and reclaiming space for women of color with her work on We, Ceremony. Mu-Chieh and her partner Iliana Panameño created We, Ceremony in 2015 as a  “visual platform that uses storytelling to share and celebrate the unique voices of women of color.” Mu-Chieh and Iliana found validation in sharing their stories with one another, which led them to explore how other women can similarly find strength in story-sharing.

We, Ceremony’s work includes Streetwear, a project that amplifies women’s stories through on-the-spot interviews around Boston. They also publish long-form Spotlight interviews with women around the globe, including activists, artists, entrepreneurs, and more. Mu-Chieh and Iliana have led a number of events, including a panel at SheHacks Boston and a CreativeMornings breakfast lecture.

On March 1st at 6PM, We, Ceremony is hosting “Contemporary Women of Color Making History” at the Cambridge Public Library. This panel discussion engages three local women of color, Sonia Espinosa, Amma Marfo, and Chrysanthemum Tran, each of whom are working to change Boston for the better. Mu-Chieh and Iliana seek to mobilize guests to combat the “ism-s” that affect their daily lives. Learn more and register here.