Hundreds across Boston took a Stand Against Racism this April


We at YW Boston are thrilled that so many Greater Boston community members participated in our 2019 Stand Against Racism campaign this April. Overall, 169 organizations and individuals signed up to host a total of 141 pledge boards and 128 conversations between an estimated 6,172 total participants.

For the first time, YW Boston implemented Stand Against Racism peer-to-peer fundraising to amplify the impact of our campaign. Collectively, 5 fundraisers were able to raise nearly $3,000 in support of YW Boston’s STAND campaign and our mission of eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all.

Thank you to our peer-to-peer fundraisers, to every person who donated to their campaigns, and to all of our Stand Against Racism campaign participants!

A number of sites shared photos of their pledges and events on social media using #BostonRacialEquity and #YWeStand. Check out some of the highlights from this year’s campaign.

Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley signs a YW Boston Stand Against Racism pledge board at the Pay Our Interns event.
Town Meeting Member Dr. Raul Fernandez and Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley host a conversation on race, Islamophobia, and anti-Semitism inspired by YW Boston’s Stand Against Racism campaign.
ArtsEmerson lights up their marquee in support of YW Boston’s Stand Against Racism campaign.
BPD’s Bureau of Community Engagement hosted a group of teens at Boston Police Headquarters for a Stand Against Racism discussion.
Staff members from The Castle Group make their pledges to Stand Against Racism.
Stand Against Racism pledge board at the office of Attorney General Maura Healey.
Educators For Excellence hosts a Stand Against Racism pledge board and holds a discussion guided by content from our guest curator Sandro Galea.
The Boston University School of Public Health and the Activist Lab pledged to take a Stand Against Racism with YW Boston.
YW Boston Board Members Joké Balogun, Trish Cotter, and Sherrie Saint-Amant host a Stand Against Racism conversation with Boston MetroWest community members.
Stand Against Racism pledge board at the Boston City Council set up by Council President Andrea Campbell.
One of the three Stand Against Racism pledge boards hosted at Red Sox headquarters.
The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute blanketed with pledge boards in support of YW Boston’s Stand Against Racism campaign.
Our friends at Building Impact hold up their #StandAgainstRacism
The Massachusetts General Hospital shares their Stand Against Racism experience.
Small businesses, friends and supporters come together at SoWa galleries to celebrate the culmination of the 2019 Stand Against Racism campaign.

The Work Doesn’t End There: Stand Against Racism Year-Round

Although April is STAND month at YW Boston, we encourage everyone to use this campaign as motivation to work year-round to eliminate racism in Boston. At YW Boston, we are committed to racial equity, which we seek to achieve through our events, advocacy, and our three programs: Dialogues on Race and Ethnicity, LeadBoston, and InIt.

In particular, our Dialogues on Race and Ethnicity program has provided over 100 organizations with a structured way to openly talk about race in order to identify and address barriers to equity and inclusion. Using our advanced assessment tool and the latest research on behavioral and organizational change, Dialogues partners with organizations to create an action plan and provide them with the resources needed to drive organizational change. Learn more about YW Boston’s Dialogues on Race and Ethnicity program and request a complimentary consultation to find out how it may help your organization reach its goals.

Thank you again to everyone who participated in the 2019 Stand Against Racism campaign!

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