Intersectionality, a term coined by scholar Kimberlé Crenshaw, describes the study of overlapping identities and the interaction between different power structures. In this workshop, participants will be provided with a safe space to reflect on intersecting identities such as race, gender, class, sexual orientation, ability, and many others. By applying an intersectional framework, participants will be better equipped at identifying the impact of overarching power structures and comprehensively address inequities in the workplace.


Workshop Overview

Introduction: Workshop Objectives
Facilitators will lay the foundation for the workshop, introduce dialogue practices, and have participants get to know one another.

Section I: Frameworks, What is Intersectionality?
Participants will explore frameworks and definitions of identity, intersectionality, power, and advantages. This will create a shared understanding and lay the groundwork for deeper analysis.

Section II: Intersectionality in the Workplace
Facilitators will guide participants in exploring how intersecting identities can impact an individual’s experience in the workplace.

Section III: Applied Learning
Participants will identify ways in which they can apply workshop learnings and frameworks to address inequities in the workplace.