Based on high demand, YW Boston now offers one-time workshops to organizations interested in advancing their diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.

As racial equity increasingly surges to the national spotlight, organizations are looking for ways to engage employees in meaningful conversations. YW Boston offers one-time DE&I Workshops to organizations looking to prepare for InclusionBoston, as a way to support action plans developed through the program, and to organizations who are not yet ready to commit to the full program.

How Do They Work?

DE&I Workshops move beyond awareness and towards action by building knowledge that can shift attitudes and behaviors. Our expert facilitators guide participants through a multi-step process of personal reflection, knowledge development, and communication and culture building. Our facilitators are highly trained in workshop content, adult education, and facilitation. YW Boston is frequently honored for the impact of its racial equity work, most recently by Color Magazine and the Northeast Human Resources Association.

Sessions can be facilitated remotely (online) or in person.

Workshop Offerings

Understanding Racial Equity

Through this workshop, groups will gain a better foundational understanding of race and how they can use these learnings to move towards racial equity. YW Boston facilitators will introduce key terminology and concepts, including frameworks in which race operates. Participants will be able to reflect on identities individually, in affinity groups, and as a large group in a safe and structured environment. Learn More.

Understanding Social Identity

Through this workshop, participants will gain a foundation for learning and engaging in difficult conversations around social identity. They will develop a shared understanding of key concepts in identity and be introduced to frameworks illustrating how systems of inclusion and exclusion operate in the workplace. Throughout the workshop, participants will practice skills such as self-reflection and active listening. They will increase knowledge and discuss next steps for moving towards action to improve workplace inclusion.  

Implicit Bias

In this workshop, participants will learn about implicit or unconscious bias and how it can play out in the workplace. Participants will become familiar with our unique 5 R’s approach (Recognize, Reassociate, Refute, Repair, and Repeat) to disrupting implicit bias and practice applying this framework to relevant case studies. Learn More.

YW Boston suggests completing the following workshop prior to Implicit Bias: Understanding Racial Equity or Understanding Social Identity

Implicit Bias for Managers and Recruiters

Managers, recruiters, and other supervisors will explore how implicit bias is embedded in the decision-making process. This variation of our Implicit Bias workshop explores the impact of implicit bias on hiring, evaluation, and managerial practices. Participants will identify actionable strategies for building inclusivity and advancing equity within their organizations. Learn more.

YW Boston suggests completing the following workshop prior to Implicit Bias for Managers and Recruiters: Understanding Racial Equity or Understanding Social Identity

Microaggressions: What They Are, How to Avoid Them

Building on learnings from our Implicit Bias workshop, our Microaggressions workshop will introduce participants to the general concept of microaggressions and how they affect individuals across different identities. Participants will explore the importance of addressing microaggressions and identify effective strategies for doing so. Facilitators will focus on problem-solving and help participants develop new strategies, both for allies and for those experiencing microaggressions. Learn more.

YW Boston suggests completing the following workshop prior to Microaggressions: Implicit Bias


Intersectionality, a term coined by scholar and activist Kimberlé Crenshaw, describes the study of overlapping or intersecting identities and how different types of power structures interact. In this workshop, participants will be provided with a safe space to reflect on intersecting identities such as race, gender, class, sexual orientation, ability, and many others. By applying an intersectional framework, participants will be better equipped at identifying overarching power structures and advancing equity in a variety of practices. Learn more.

Organizational Change to Achieve Equity

In this workshop, facilitators will guide participants in identifying cultural and organizational change necessary to achieving equity in the workplace. Participants will become familiar with key domains and best practices for organizational change. Then, they will identify and begin exploring opportunities to bring learnings back to their organizations. Learn more.

The Role of Governing Boards in Driving DEI Work

In this workshop, facilitators will guide participants in identifying cultural and organizational change necessary to achieve diversity, equity, and inclusion and the role governing boards play in leading this transformation. Participants will become familiar with key domains of organizational change and best practices for board engagement in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives. They will also begin to identify and explore opportunities to bring learnings back to their leadership.

Presentation: Understanding Systemic Violence

An educational presentation on the historical and recent context that has built up to the events of the past months, including COVID, the Central Park incident, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, the protests, and others. The presentation will be followed by a Q&A with YW Boston presenters and your organization’s leadership.

Who should participate in the Workshops?

In-person workshops can be tailored to groups ranging from 20-200 participants. Virtual workshops can accommodate up to 50 participants. Depending on the size and composition of the organization, we might recommend breaking up into smaller groups. Workshops can be run in succession so your entire staff can participate.

What is the duration of a workshop?

The ideal length for an in-person workshop is three hours. The ideal length for a virtual workshop is two hours. The duration of some workshops can be tailored to a minimum of 1 hour. Workshops can be provided as on-site in-person sessions as well as online.

What is the cost of a workshop?

Workshops are priced on a sliding scale based on group size, workshop length, and type of organization.

Request a Workshop

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