Organizational Change to Achieve Equity

In this workshop, facilitators will guide participants in identifying cultural and organizational change necessary to achieving equity in the workplace. Participants will become familiar with key domains and best practices for organizational change. Then, they will identify and begin exploring opportunities to bring learnings back to their organizations.


Workshop Overview

Introduction: Workshop Objectives
Facilitators will lay the foundation for the workshop, introduce dialogue practices, and have participants get to know one another.

Section I: Racial Inequities in the Workplace and Why They Matter
Participants will review research and studies exploring the interaction between individual identities, power, and privilege in the workplace. Interpersonal, institutional, ideological, and internalized dimensions will be explored.

Section II: Components of Organizational Change
Participants will explore micro, meso, and macro components necessary to achieving organizational change. Facilitators will introduce best practices and examine successful case studies.

Section III: Applied Learning
Participants will identify possible ways in which their learnings can be used to proposition, execute, and monitor organizational change in their workplace.