Understanding Racial Equity

Through this workshop, participants will gain a better foundational understanding of race and learn how to use these learnings to move beyond knowledge and towards action. YW Boston facilitators will introduce key terminology and concepts, including frameworks in which race operates. Participants will be able to reflect on identities individually, in affinity groups, and as a large group in a safe and structured environment.


Workshop Overview

Introduction: Workshop Objectives
Facilitators will lay the foundation for the workshop, introduce dialogue practices, and have participants get to know one another.

Section I: What Gets in the Way of Talking About Race?
Participants will share their experience talking about race and racism, as well as identify barriers that may prevent open and honest conversations.

Section II: Frameworks, Definitions and Theory
Participants will explore frameworks and definitions of racism, power, and advantages. This will create a shared understanding and lay the groundwork for deeper analysis.

Section III: Personal Identities
Individuals will reflect on racial and ethnic identities and on how personal histories impact their relationship building with people of varying racial and ethnic backgrounds.

Section IV: Manifestations of Racism
Using the 4 I’s framework, participants will begin unpacking how racism manifests itself interpersonally, institutionally, ideologically, and internally.