July Virtual Session: Preparing to take on Leadership Commitments

Date: July 15, 2020
Time: 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Location: Zoom (see email or YW Boston Connect event page for meeting details)


Our objectives are to

  • Discuss ways in which the city, state, and various organizations have changed and responded to calls for racial justice over the last month
  • Become familiar with tools to complete root cause analysis of systemic inequities & practice a root cause analysis of DEI challenges within your or a peer’s workplace
  • Establish understanding of leadership commitment expectations and consider your workplace and sphere of influence as you brainstorm possible projects

Complete the following pre-work before our program day:

In your LeadBoston notebook write notes on the following:

  • A problem you believe needs to be addressed in your organization – be prepared to share
  • Your organization’s response to the current racial justice movement and what it may need support with
Module 5: Trauma-Informed Practices (Due 7/13 at 5pm)

In Module 5, our facilitators discuss how we can use trauma-informed practices in our communication and leadership.

  1. Watch the Module 5 video (25:16). As you watch the video, pause to reflect and write in your LeadBoston journal, and take breaks as needed.
  2. Once you’ve finished the video, share your response to the Post & Share question as a comment to the pinned post in the YW Boston Connect LeadBoston 2020 group

Post & Share: What are the innate skills that you bring to supporting yourself and others during challenging times? Please be prepared to discuss your response during the virtual session.